Impact X School Services

Our services are distinctive in the depth of involvement as well as the thoroughness of our approach using neuroscience, psychology, empathy and life experiences.


Helping Teens Adult Beautifully

Statistics indicate that an average secondary school students spends more time in school than at home with an average of 9 hours per day. This shows the necessity of having teachers more acutely aware of their pupils’ emotional and mental needs in order to help them acquire a robust academic stability. 

Our School Services provides Primary and Secondary Schools with the opportunity to get ahead of child and adolescent Mental Health challenges that come with the territory of puberty and identity. By helping Schools set up competent counseling rooms and training counselors, teachers and administrators on effective pathways to connect with teenagers, identify troubled teens and provide mental health first aid, schools are able to run a more efficient academic institution that puts the emotional competence and mental health of their pupils, as one of their priorities.

With Workshops, Seminars and PTA counseling opportunities, TSi enlightens and empowers teachers, school administrators and even parents to be at the forefront of helping their Teens adult beautifully.


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