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Our tools are resourceful and our people are totally invested in your well-being.

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Aameenah Yunus-Ali

Aameenah Yunus-Ali is a certified Family Therapist, Performance Consultant and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which affords her the competence to use therapeutic tools to help clients identify and heal unresolve childhood traumas, grief processing and many psychological roadblocks hindering a healthy lifestyle.


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At Timeless Soul Inc. we are proud to showcase our most brilliant minds who are driven with the need to help you become the person you will be proud of. Your journey to adulting, beautifully begins NOW!

This is a fundamental service of TSi that helps individuals identify, approach and ultimately heal from trauma that could be a result of Childhood Exposure…

This is an unstructured program that targets the peculiarity of the challenges each adolescent may face to provide a safe space for them to heal and evolve.

Teens will be teens; hormonal, dissatisfied, irritable and sometimes belligerent. And sometimes, parents have a really hard time communicating with their Teen.

We believe that every family is unique and maintaining the special bond that sustains each family unit requires intentional communication of values…

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Our services are distinctive in the depth of involvement as well as the thoroughness of our approach using neuroscience, psychology, empathy and life experiences. Our tools are resourceful and our people are totally invested in your well-being.

What people say about us

M.O.KFamily Framework
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I reached out to Coach Aameenah because I believe my son needed her help. She started out by carrying out a primary assessment for both my child and the family. Based on this, she was able to highlight the issues and came up with a plan to address them. She was also able to identify other issues that I was unaware of, and she made recommendations on how to address them.

I have noticed positive changes in my son, daughter, and family as a whole. We are having conversations we hadn’t thought to have and we are equipped with the tools to deal with these conversations thanks to Coach Ameenah.
A.OPersonal Coaching
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When I first met Coach Aameenah, I didn’t think I was good enough and always struggled to please people everyone in order to feel loved. I would sometimes think that other people intentionally choose to hurt me with their actions and that life was hard and unfair.

Her Personal Coaching sessions for Emerging Adulthood helped me realize that all these were self-sabotaging beliefs keeping me from me seeing who I truly am and what I’m truly worth. I know now that I am enough and Allah is sufficient for me. That I can do anything I put my mind and effort into and that I have people that cherish and care for me. Where I thought I wasn’t beautiful, I know now, that I am stunning and gorgeous.

And that life is not easy for everyone but good things will come my way if I believe and do the work. I am particularly proud of my confidence and a heightened sense of awareness.
AdesolaFamily Framework
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There are TWO areas of life that no one really teaches you how to manage, and they happen to be the most precious and dear: your personal life and your family. This course is worth its weight in gold. I am an avid reader and doer, also with a high threshold for commendation.

This is an excellent, well-structured and affordable course. This course should be a mandatory pre-requisite for every family especially intended couples. I am glad I made time to participate actively.

Thanks Coach Aameenah and Coach Ifechukwu.